Hello, it’s Matt Linklater here and welcome to Link Biz Solutions and our Cash Flow is King Process!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s in your business or in your household, maximizing cash flow is the number one thing that we strive to do. It’s the number one cause of stress, and it’s the number one cause of satisfaction.

The reason we’ve taken the risks that we have in our business is because we want to create more cash flow and provide more value. In our household, it’s the reason we want to live a better life, and create more experiences for ourselves and our kids. No matter what you want and need, you need to maximize cash flow. At Link Biz Solutions, our main strategy is to help you maximize your cash flow.

Have you ever heard of a family office?

A family office is reserved for people who have a net worth of $50 Million or $100 Million. People like Bezos, Gates, and Buffett; they create a family office to employ the Triangle of Wealth…

And why do they do this?

To maximize their cash flow!

Everything is about cash flow. The Triangle of Wealth makes sure…

  • You’re paying the legal minimum amount in taxes
  • You’re paying the least amount in interest
  • You’re paying the least amount in fees for all your investments.
  • You’re Maximizing Your Wealth


When you can maximize the cash flow of all your strategies, all your investments, all your businesses, and that of your household, that’s when you create ultimate wealth.

What we’ve taken is a family office concept and made it into a multi-family office where we work with different families and different businesses who are high income earners and have high net worth, to help them employ the triangle of wealth strategy so they can maximize cash flow.

The first thing that we must understand is, what is cash flow?

For we and our business partners to be on the same page, our spouses to be on the same page, we must start speaking the same language.


/ˈkaSH ˌflō/

The total amount of money being transferred into and out of a business/household, especially as affecting liquidity.

As business owners, business partners and as spouses, we all need to know and understand…

  • What our cash flow is
  • The kind of liquidity we want

The Cash Flow is King process takes you through understanding…

  • Liquidity
  • How to maximize liquidity
  • How to grow your business
  • How to experience the things you want in your life and in your household

How do you…

  • Maximize cash flow?
  • Maximize liquidity?
  • Maximize success?

Over my career, I’ve had many business successes and many business failures. And the number one stress for me has been cash flow management.

I used to work in the corporate world, and I didn’t have somebody outside of what I was doing to help me manage my cash flow while I was out there raising money for large insurance companies.

Then as I went in and became a real estate entrepreneur, my biggest stresses were managing cash flow. The hard part is how to manage cash flow and then do all the business activities that you need to do?

  1. You’re hunting down business
  2. Delivering your products or services

But who’s managing the cash flow?

I designed this Cash Flow is King process to fix my own issues and my own problems because I knew that doing the small things is what makes you successful in business.

When I googled what the number one cause of business failure was?

Inadequate or non-existent planning and inefficient decision making. The most common reason for business to under perform or fail is poor cash flow management.

How do you maximize your cash flow in your business each day, each year? How do you make sure that you’re meeting those goals and that you’re measuring them successfully?

When I googled what the number one cause of divors was?

Cash flow.

More than cash flow, it’s communication about money.

I know all the time in the past when my wife and I would communicate about money, it would become a stressful conversation. The reason it was becoming stressful is because we didn’t have a baseline understanding of what cash flow meant and what we were trying to do ultimately with our cash flow and our savings.

Although we had clear cut goals, what happened was, we did not have a visual of our household profit and loss, or income statement, so we could have a baseline for that conversation.

When you’re talking numbers too much it becomes an esoteric subject. I’ve found out that most people can’t hold a lot of numbers in their head – it makes it difficult to have a fruitful conversation.

What we did to make sure we maximize our communication and maximize our cash flow and maximize our communication around cash flow and money is, we began understanding…

  • What the income sheet of the household was
  • What the money coming in and the money going out was and where that money was going

I’m going to take you through our Cash Flow is King process!

We take you through the processes behind…

  • Maximizing communication
  • Maximizing cash flow
  • Maximizing the results that you’re seeing in your business and in your household

That’s where the money is going to, and to provide a better life for your family. Maximizing your cash flow is about maximizing your communication with your significant other.

What kind of results do we see with our cash flow is king process?

It’s not unlikely for us to uncover $500 to $1,500 per month plus. That’s six thousand to eighteen thousand dollars a year that we can put back into your pocket or back into your business or back into your household.

In businesses, our minimum strategy usually puts about $6,000 to $18,000 back into the business. I’ve seen this number as high as $65,000 for somebody making $600,000 in pre-tax profit and I’ve seen this number as high as a $1 Million for people making $13 Million dollars a year.

We did a review of our household expenses in January.

As a result, we’ve put back about two thousand a month in cash flow.

How did we do this?

We did this by…

  • Paying off debt that was affecting our cash flow
  • Evaluating fixed expenses and finding less expensive solutions

I was recently with some very wealthy people. One is extremely wealthy in net worth and the other guy is a high-income earner. They were just talking about the different platforms for streaming live TV and just that, by utilizing the right strategy, you could save $2,000 plus per year.

Dominate The Day,

Matt Linklater

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