Add Value and You Will Rise

Add Value and You Will Rise

An Expectation is a strong belief that something will happen….

So, setting expectations without a belief system to support them is a waste of time.

To be blundt with you, after working with teams over the last 20 years, the only expectation that means anything is…

Show up everyday on time and bring your physical and mental skill set with you that will add value to “winning”… whatever “winning”means to your team?

If and when you commit to this lone expectation, the people around you will invest a lot of time and resources to ensure your growth and success. Those that understand this simple concept are dying to be mentored and coached up and will eventually hold an important role on the team.

Your value will change and grow as you grow. But it begins with excepting your current role and delivering what defines you and your role at an elite level in the present moment.

It’s that simple…

Maximize what you give now to Maximize what you receive later.

If you haven’t noticed this is a bare bones, grab your boot straps kind of strategy that some will call “old school” I call it my, “backing up what you want with what you do!”

Some will get it…

Some will get it in time…

Some will never get it…

If your not getting it! Ask yourself…

Where am I now?

Where do I want to be?

How do I get there?

If your expecting someone else to elevate you through to the top…


Get back to, “backing up what you want with what you do!”

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