Life is About Conditioning Yourself To Great Rituals…
Every day is a fight against doing what is easy versus doing what is hard.
Bad Habits are hard to break!
Good habits are hard to start and keep!
Your ability to condition yourself to good habits show up in your…
Your rituals or lack of rituals show up in your results!
This is the battle we face everyday!
This battle is a mental battle and mental battles are the toughest to win!
It starts with a planning out what rituals you want see and do in your life on a consistent basis!
You have to design your life!
You have to create a Vision for your life!
This Vision has to be unwavering!
This Vision has to be one that you never give up on no matter the cost…
Once you have a clear vision now get to work on what rituals will help you experience your vision.
There is no there in there!
Life is not a Journey!
It’s a a process of living Rituals!
Sit down and script out everything you do in a day, week, month and ask yourself are these rituals congruent with my Vision?
You will have the answer of where your discontent lies within your life.
If you’re honest with yourself you will see no matter how great our rituals or how vivid our vision we are constantly growing beyond our current Vision and our Current Rituals.
The key is to you become a…
Disciple of Your Vision
That Creates an Unwavering….
Discipline to Your Rituals
Utilize constant…
To make sure your…
Rituals are aligned with your Vision!
Dominate the Day,
Matt Linklater


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