Parenting is making tough choices even if they seem small!
Our lives are made up of a bunch of small choices that compound into results.
Those choices can be positive or negative…
If you choose to drink a can of coca cola per day you are consuming 9 teaspoons of sugar.
That compounds into….
Hear Disease
If you choose to work out every day that compounds into…
More energy
Weight Loss
Weight Control
Clearer Mind
Less Stress
On Saturday’s or Sunday’s we allow our kids to watch cartoons. This is usually on an IPAD.
I know the IPAD is literally the devil. In general I’m having a tough time seeing the benefits of this type of technology on society overall, but I know it’s here to stay! I guess Jobs made a dent…
In our neurology!
That’s where the tough choices come in.
When we were kids we were forced…
To go outside
To be creative
To be active
Now as parents we’re forced with the easy way out by giving our kids IPADs.
But, it’s not so easy…
We are hurting our kids development.
What do we do?
We limit it to 1 hour.
On Saturday during that 1 hour we noticed one of our boys couldn’t handle it. It created a temper tantrum.
What were we to do?
We wanted to chill!
But that’s not the best for the boys!
We took them to the beach!
We created an experience!
We created memories!
I’m not saying parenting is harder today. It’s different.
We’re faced with a different challenge.
When the easy road out is to let our kids watch television or the IPAD remember the problems down the road are going to far out way the tough decision we have every day to be responsible for our kids future and development!
Every Success starts with a plan.
The plan has to be more involved than day care, school and college.
I know it’s not easy and it is stressful, but have a plan to create successful disciplined kids that turn into successful disciplined adults.
The whole world is counting on it!
Dominate the Day,
Matt Linklater



Dominate the day,



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