This is one of the greatest conversations of my life!

I did a podcast with the Patriot Racer.

​My first experience with the Patriot Racer was in High School wrestling.

It was during winter break and we had do a 3-mile fun run. 3 miles is honestly not a big deal, unless you want to win.

​If you know anything about me, I want to win all the time at all costs.

This day I was up against Michael Mendoza. We ran the 3 miles and as I approached the finish Mike was what seemed to be 3 football fields ahead of me. I was finishing 3 miles in 18 minutes.

​Michael went on to continue to kick my a@@.

​Michael is a Marine!

He is a Reconnaissance Marine and a Sniper Marine!

He served 3 tours for our armed forces.

He has 2 world records. ​and​ Is a Family Man!

​I got to do a 80 minute podcast with him. Honestly, I didn’t want it to end.

Michael Mendoza explains why he is now known as the…


​A more than deserved title as he… Raises Money for the Sempre Fi Fund & Holds 2 World Records

​I have spent the last 20 years as what I think is a successful salesman and businessman, but it pails in comparison to what the Patriot Racer has accomplished. Not only for himself, but for you and me!​

I don’t want to give away what he’s done and what you and I haven’t done, but…

He earned…

A Purple Heart and A Navy Cross​

He is as he says a “Meat Eater”!​

He is family man.​

His daughter is a budding star.​


His son is a wrestling champion.​

He is a devoted husband to his high school sweet heart!​

If you listen to nothing or read nothing for self help listen to the Patriot Racer and take your life to another level.


Take your life to another level!​


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