Controlling Your Focus To Dominate in Business

by Matt Linklater


Shift Your Focus to Dominate in Business

1. Where does your focus come from?  Are you responsible for your focus or is the rest of the world around you?

As I will demonstrate your success comes from your focus.  That’s why I ask….

“Where does your focus come from? ”

2. Do you every wake up on the wrong side of the bed?  You know the days where everyone is stupid!

3. Do you ever wake up on the right side of the bed?  You know the days where you’re silky smooth and you close every sale.

4. How did Michael Jordan get in the zone more than most? He scored 40 points while he was throwing up.

What is the difference between people who always seem to be in the zone versus people who never seem to do anything right?

In this video you will discover the secrets to controlling your focus and mastering the zone!

In the book Flow the author talks about how to have autotelic experiences.  An autotelic experience is summed in Einstein’s theory of Relativity.  How do you create experiences where time flies by.

5. 134 Bits Per Second.   We only have a limited amount of focus.  We can only focus in on 134 bits of information per second, but our neurology is bombarded by 2 Million per second

6. Infinite Amount of Possibilities.  That’s the good news.  You can shift your focus at any moment and create a different result.

Here are some strategies to help you control your focus and your results.

7. Control Your Head.  We are visual beings with self-talk going on in our head constantly.  We need to come up with new strategies to override the old strategies.  Take some time to write out your goals, visualize your success for the day.  This takes 5 minutes!

8. Control Your Body.  Motion creates emotion.  Depression and motivation shows up in someone’s posture.  Take time to get out and walk or work out.

9. Control Your Self-Talk.  Utilize the strategies I use with my 3 year old.  They are the same strategies I’ve used in over 2,000 presentations and 13,000 sales meetings.

These Strategies In the Video Will Help You Dominate the Competition.

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