We all know that physically remaining on this planet for eternity is impossible. However, most of us understand the mental and emotional impact others have had on us and the potential impact we may have on those that follow. The power of making this lasting impact well after we expire starts with understanding who influenced us, why and then paying it forward.


What makes you tick? or more popularly known as… What is Your Why?


Once this is determined by YOU the rest of the world will be standing by to feel and be influenced by YOUR AFFECT.


Psychological research says that Extreme Motivation can only come from two sources… 1 – A life changing event that involves life and death. 2 – Experiencing poverty in its worst form. Both are emotional ignitors that bring a level of intensity to the forefront that is tough to match. Outside of these two the only way to achieve greatness and affect those that follow is to relentlessly beat on what you’re good at.


Always measure youself against YOU and only YOU. Extreme focus must be on what your strengths are instead of your competition’s strengths. The longer it takes you to realize that it’s about you the longer it will take you to push beyond the 10,000 hour mark where greatness is said to start.


The problem is that we’re lead to believe there must be an easier path or that greatness is just an elusive commodity reserved for the select few. Both of these Myths are Roadbocks that keep us from starting or continually believing. Unfortuantely this never changes unless we stumble across one of the EXTREME MOTIVATORS – Death, Poverty or an Abnormal Mentor.


The Abnormal Mentor doesn’t believe in myths. Like the Wright Brothers they believe in creating something that seams impossible to make it easier for themselves and the rest of the world. When faced with failure their obsession with Why doesn’t allow them to revert to excuses. They understand the value of working smart but are never afraid of putting in the work regardless of obstacles. Their name and likeness lives on forever because they choose to be Abnormal or someone or something influenced them to be Abnormal.


Extraordinary things are not created by chance. They are developed over time by Abnormal People. Ultimately what, how and why they do it AFFECTS all those that follow.


How Abnormal Are You?

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