It really is that simple, but we want things to be so much more intellectually complicated.




When we think things are intellectually complicated, we believe that our lack of success is because we don’t know enough. We foster this in action by reading books, listening to books, watching YouTube videos or listening to podcasts. Most are a waste of time.


The facts are…

1- You’re not doing enough

2- You’re not doing enough of the right things


We make excuses because if it’s not us we don’t need to change. We make excuses like we’re just really busy, because we love to tell ourselves we have discipline, but we’re are too busy to own our time. I ran into this exact trap over the past 6 months. I’ve been waiting on a few things to happen that were in our funnel that I started being more reactive than proactive. I started being a little lazy with owning my time.

What was the result….

1. Excuses

2. Lack of gym time

3. Lack of doing proactive money-making activities


Here are the facts your…

· Fat

· Broke

· Not in a relationship / good relationship

· Unhealthy

· Lazy

· (Fill in the blank)


Simply because you’re not Owning Your Time!

Own Your Time Own Your Success It’s That Simple.


Here is how you get started…


Write Out Your Goals

1- Health

2- Spiritual

3- Personal

4- Romance

5- Financial

6- Business

7- Recreation

8- Family


2 keys on goal setting

1- State them as if they already happened.

2- Put a date on them.

It is now (x date) and I have (x goal), and it feels…!


Write Out All Your Action Items That You Need to Do on a Weekly Basis to Accomplish Your Goals

1- Make a list of all the things that will make you successful when you do them every day and every week.

2- Review this list regularly. You will see in the next idea you will review this list on Sunday and once daily.


Make Time to Schedule

1- Every Sunday take time to schedule all your action items throughout the week. This should only take 30 minutes to 1 hour.

2- Take time every morning to fill in the white space. (White space is the Devil.) This should be a 5-minute exercise in the morning.


We always want balance in our life, but there is no such thing as balance.

There are choices and there are consequences.

If I choose to leave work for an hour to spend time with my kids then my work suffers. If I choose to not spend 1 hour with my kids my work suffers. The only remedy is…


Own Your Time Own Your Success!


It is up to you whether you want more success. I know I always do! The way to do it is do higher value activities. The way to do more higher activities is schedule them.


Two keys to success…

1- Remove your obstacles – for instance many times when you’re thinking of going to the gym you run all the variable through your head first…

“Where are my shoes?”

“If I go now I won’t be able to park.”

“If I go now all the equipment will be taken.”

2- Write out your Mission Statement – This is similar to your “Why” as everyone says, but take it to a higher level. We are always more disciplined and more motivated if we are driving to a higher purpose. Write 2 pages of a positively written mission!


Practice the Law of Unattachment


There is a lot of shitty stuff that will happen to you in your life. This is going to derail you. This will make you feel like you don’t want to push anymore. You’re going to want to give up. Here is the deal every guru I listen to rarely tells any of these stories. My mentor lives in a castle. 20 years they sued him and froze all of his bank accounts. Another mentor in 2009 was spending $200K a month on lawsuits.

Here is the deal you need to operate out of…




What do I mean is that you need to not be a victim. We need to simply reverse the psychology and take Ownership of everything in our lives. The good and the bad. You may not believe you caused something, but you certainly need to take OWNERSHIP to fix it! It is nobody else’s responsibility.


When you Own Your Time you squash out the temptations of pressure relieving activities. You squash out the negative things in your life. When you’re on a mission to accomplish what is on your calendar each and every day the bad shit doesn’t bother you.


What I noticed about every successful person I study or hired to mentor me is that they have thick skin. Nothing bothers them because they are on a mission and the missions success depends on them not being attached.


Be completely Unattached to your success and your failures. Attach yourself to the daily activities that drive success!




We have a very limited amount of things that our brain can focus on to have success. Fill your calendar and focus on each activity one at a time. Once everything is scheduled don’t worry about your day or your week. Do the tasks with utter precision and the rest will take care of itself!


Self-to-Self Measurement


They did a study of paraplegics that were able to come back and walk again. These paraplegics broke down walking into micro movements. They wiggled their toe, then their toes, then their foot and on up to flexing their calf, etc. What this means is don’t look outside yourself for validation. Know your getting better every day. Improve over yesterday that is the only goal you should have during this process. Your bigger goals will take care of themselves. If you want to lose weight and your eat a candy bar, tomorrow eat half a candy bar. The next day eliminate the candy bar.


Simply put…


Own Your Time Own Your Success


Dominate the Day!


Matt Linklater

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