One of the hardest things to accomplish is organization! Sure you’re organized, but with all the business owners we talk to and work with there are so any things on your plate eventually something starts to slip!

The thing that was hardest for me in the past is what I see most businesses struggle with now and is the problem we aim to solve.

As a business owner many of us have followed a dream and a passion because we thought we could give more and solve a problem better than anyone else in the market place.

What we traded was a tyrannical boss for an even more tyrannical boss. YOU!

Most business owners know that Revenue Cures All! So they are always out hunting for more clients, but…

As a business owner we’re all too often the technician. We are the one delivering the product or service. This is where the organization starts to waver. What I find is that you’re typically a great hunter or are great at delivering the product or service.

Either one or both is great!

The biggest point of disorganization is with the financials and the cost side of the business. We often get so focused on the revenue side we forget to take care of the bottom line.

This is typically where we find most business owners can use help.

As a life long sales person and business owner I always want to drive more revenue, but in the end it’s not always how much revenue you can create, it’s about…

How much you get to keep!

So, while you’re focusing on growing your business and delivering a great product and service make sure that you’re keeping an eye on what you get to keep.

You work way to hard to let money leak out the back door while you’re at the front door ushering it in!

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