Most people don’t try in life because they are afraid to fail. They have a fear of failure. They are so afraid to put in the effort and be rejected.


They say things like…

What if I try and nobody buys?

What if I put in all this effort and nobody buys?

What if I write the book and nobody buys it?


We are so conditioned that if we do something, if we put ourselves out there that we will be rejected. Honestly, that is exactly right!


What Mr. Positivity saying you’re going to get rejected?




The fact of life is if you have high goals and you want to keep pushing yourself to another level you’re going to fail more than you’re going to succeed! If you think I’m wrong you haven’t pushed yourself hard enough. You’re sitting in your comfort zone.


But, the truth is our parents and school has taught us this. How do I know? How many of you when you went to take your first job asked…

How many vacation days do I get?

What type of insurance do I have?

Do you have a retirement plan?


All these questions are questions of safety and security. There is now risk in those questions. I have never in my life asked those questions.


I ask,

“What is the opportunity?”

“When I sell is my pay unlimited?”


But, we’re conditioned this way…

8 months ago my boy MJ was turning 4. I was taking him to school one day. He wasn’t happy about it, but I’ll reserve why for another time. But, I brought him in this day and in the lobby of the school were some boxes. MJ jumped on the boxes and started playing.


One of the teachers came out and started to say things like…


“MJ that isn’t safe.”

“MJ you can hurt yourself.”

“MJ you can fall on your head.”


MJ is already a cautious kid. This only pushes him further into his fears.


What did I do?


I went home and found an alternative to teach MJ. We pulled him out the school instantly. You only have until year 7 or 8 years old and you’re fully programmed. I’m pushing him and Axe every day and indoctrinating them into my way! Before you want to tell me that they’re only 4 and 2…I know!


Fast forward to this past Wednesday at Taekwondo. MJ was being taught Frog Hops. MJ started out strong, but then lost his form. Mr. Chang stepped in and corrected his from and made MJ do 2 more lengths of mat.


What happened next…


MJ started moaning and asking for Mommy. I’m not sure if he was asking for Mommy because he stubbed his foot or if it was burning a little.


But, what Mr. Chang said was brilliant.


“MJ it supposed to be uncomfortable and your supposed to feel good about it!”




Anything worthwhile, anything that is going to push you to another level is going to be uncomfortable. The longer you can sustain the uncomfort the bigger the reward that will follow.


You should feel good about pushing yourself over the thresholds of comfort and into uncomfortable territory.


We are taught to stay in our comfort zone. We are taught not to risk failure or risk rejection. That is why most people don’t every try.


The comfort zone is why most people never….

Start a business

Implement their ideas

Write a book

Ask out the man/woman of their dreams

Don’t ever move up to management


Fight your conditioning of staying in your comfort zone and push beyond. Remember in life and in business to be wildly successful you only have to be right once.


Out of how many times?


As many times as it takes.


Get up on those boxes and fall down.

Push your comfort zone daily.


Do something that sucks daily!

Do things and don’t expect a reward!

The more you fail, the more you do, the better you become!

If it feels good you aren’t doing it right!


Dominate the day!


Matt Linklater


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