Think about these statements for a minute before you decide to open your mouth…

  • The wrong words said at the wrong time discourages people

  • The wrong words said at the right time frustrates people

  • The right words said at the wrong time confuses people

  • The right words said at the right time encourages people

Timing is everything!


To create the perfect timing it takes meticulous planning and developing the right mindset for maximum intake by prepping or priming your team. Perfect timing is reached by knowing your people inside and out. Which means spending valuable time with them. I know your busy, but remember it’s all about the quality of the time spent versus the quantity of time spent. If you want quality you have to deliver with impeccable timing.


The words we say, and when we say them, have incredible power!


Numerous studies back up that when we say the right words at the right time, there are a number of positive outcomes. One of the most important outcomes is trust. When we can offer something to a person and they have an open mindset we are very likely to become trusted and seen as an honest and genuine leader.


If you recall the old campaign add in the 80’s by the brokerage firm E.F. Hutton..


“When E.F. Hutton Talks People Listen”


Sincerely ask yourself today… Does my team listen to what I have to say?

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