I’ve had many meetings over the years when I ask a simple question I get blank stares. These blank stares are going to seem strange to some, but to most I think it’s a reality because they never set goals. They are busy getting through life their vision is short.


When people come into my office I ask, “What is the money you save for?”


A blank stare ensues…


Then shortly after they say…




The next question may not seem so obvious, but I then ask, “Investments for what?”


They say, “Well, you know to invest.”


Here is the problem without having a goal or without a destination for your money you don’t know if you’re on track or are taking the right amount of risk. I had a husband and wife come in and I had a similar conversation as noted above and the problem was 5 years earlier their advisor said that they were on track for retirement. Retirement came and they weren’t on track. I guess the previous 5 years their financial advisor thought like most do, this money is for investments.


When it comes to your money you only have 3 things you can do with it. You can spend it…


Now – You can utilize it for your current expenses.


Before Retirement

Pay off your house

Buy a second house

Pay for your child’s college

Pay for your child’s wedding

Pay for your child’s house



What is the income gap you have between your fixed income amounts from pensions and social security and your desire income? This income gap will have to be supplied from your investments.


Leave it





The best thing you can do for investments is start establishing goals for your money and your family. What are acceptable things that you want to pay for? Do you want to pay for college? Do you want to pay for weddings? A second home?


No matter what your plans are or your goals are the best thing you can do is make sure your money isn’t just for investments. Without a destination for your money you will certain to end up at a port that you probably don’t desire.

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