In the world of physics and aerodynamics there are complex and unexplained happenings that even science can’t figure out?


One example of such mystery is the bumblebee. It should not be able to fly.




Because the size, weight, and shape of its body in relationship to its wingspan makes flying aerodynamically impossible. But the bumblebee, not concerned with science, flies anyway and does its job every day!


I’m not sure if science can measure the mindset of the bumblebee, but if it could, it would show a “no-limit” attitude — an attitude that says, “since you say I can’t do it, I’ll show you that I can!” A no-limit mind-set allows a person (and a bumblebee) to start each day with a positive outlook without constraints.


Yes, our attitudes set the tone, regardless of how good or bad things may be at any given point in time. Remember, we never get this moment back so why waste it. Be present and be where your feet are. Live each moment with the intent and conviction it deserves.


After all we attract other people by showing them through example how they too can overcome the odds. If we’re always concerned with being rationale progress will move at a snail’s pace. Which ultimately leads to boredome and an attitude of blame or poor me that always quits prematurely.


Action sparked by irrational thoughts and ideas is and always will be what separates the irrational No-Limit Mindset from the rational Stay-In-Your-Lane Mindset.


Irrational thoughts and ideas create…


Rational thoughts and ideas conform…


It’s pretty simple…



Be Ruled


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