Running a business is nothing like fighting a war, and fighting a war is nothing like running a business. Nothing besides the individual characteristics and the mindset of its people executing the tasks… “The Standard”


All successful people, teams and organizations have “The Standard” that

they refuse to compromise. Regardless of circumstance “The Standard”

leads them to stay focused on the journey rather than the current problems

that may be holding them back. Without notice it automatically keeps you

looking for solutions and driving forward.


“The Standard”….

– Isn’t human

– Doesn’t alter it’s course because of emotions

– Is bigger than its’ leader(s)


The Foundation of Developing “The Standard”…

Decide what you want and why you want it?

A belief that you have the potential to achieve greatness.

Commitment to individual growth.

Contributing to something greater than yourself.

Set one game plan with an All In Mindset.


In addition to the foundation above, you need to know going in that it’s

going to take a focused and relentless daily effort. Everybody that lives

under the guidelines of “The Standard” must prepare and play everyday

with the Intent and Conviction to move the ball forward.


One thing that I know for certain…


You’ll Get What YOU Emphasize… Nothing More… Nothing Less!



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