80% of The Time We’re Going Through The Day Reactively…


I was explaining to my wife this morning how I was being reactive to my life, my business and my days. The thing that was happening is that my emotions were taking over and I was not controlling what my mind was focusing on. I told her this was drastically hindering my success and I was focusing on the things that could go wrong rather than what is right, going right and what is positive that is going to happen.


A couple years ago I was sitting down with a coach I was working with. His strategy is to bring you in for 2 days. The first day they run you through a planning process for your business and your life. They also start finding things that are holding you back. On the second day you lay our your plan of action and they break you through the things that are holding you back.


One of the biggest things he said that resonates is that 80 – 90% of the time we’re operating unconsciously. What I take that to mean is that we’re running the same strategies and patterns without thinking. A basic premise in behavioral psychology is Pavlov’s dog.


Pavlov’s Dog


Ring a tuning fork and show a dog a steak. Do this repeatedly, then you ring the fork, don’t display the steak and the dog is salivating.


What does this mean?


We’re all going through our day in a stimulus response way. Just as the dog hears the fork and starts salivating, we to go through the day taking in some form of stimuli through our senses and we have some sort action.


We see this play out in our lives and businesses by running the same patterns over and over and having the same outcomes.


How do you become more proactive rather than reactive?


Take control of your day. There is a lot of stuff that is thrown at us each and every day and it becomes easy to be reactive rather than proactive. Our emotions take over. This shows up in all areas of our life. It shows up in our relationships. We become reactive to the situations and we wonder why are relationships aren’t better. We do this in our health. We say we’re going to eat healthy. We may even start the day off great, but 10 AM hits or lunch hits and our emotions and reactive mind take over and the next thing you know you’re eating crap.


How do you break the cycle?


You have to plan out what you want to have happen.


Plan out time with your family.


Plan your eating and what you’re going to eat.


Simply put…Plan out your day! Plan everything.


The reason you need to plan everything is because you need to start becoming…




Accountable to who?




When you start planning your days and your weeks you start becoming Accountable.

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