You will save 10-20% of your time if you have a great Accountant, Outsourced CFO, etc. as your business partner. You already have a CPA, but I know you’re still struggling because 99% are just tax preparers.


But, I’m not trying to pitch you.


We deal with clients that are all shapes and sizes. We have client’s that do $50 Million in revenue down to clients who are doing $100K to $200K. The biggest problem we see is organization and overall know how of doing the job.


Our most complicated client brings on 30 new clients a month and does over 300 financial transactions a month. But that is not all, they also have 41 different contractors they are paying on any given month. These contractors don’t bill our client. Our client tracks every contractor and pays them out.


In addition, an invoice can have 3 to 5 different consultants servicing the client and the contractors on the invoice delivering the services can change 3 or 4 times before it is right and can be tabulated to pay the appropriate contractor.


We had to integrate 3 different software products to make the process run smooth.


During the Holiday we brought on a new client who does contract training for another company. She didn’t have a company set up and was commingling her personal money and expenses with her business expenses.


But the biggest thing that these businesses and many that we serve have in common is…


Streamlining Their Finances


As you can see Streamlining and Organization can effect a business from the most complicated to the simplest one person shop.


They say that the organization that someone keeps in their finances is what the organization in their head looks like.


The question is…


How organized are your business finances?

What is it costing you in lost time?

What is it costing you in lost money?


If the above describes your business or if you know you could have more organization within your financial life and your business, you have two choices…

#1- Demand more of your current financial advisors and CPAs.

#2- Find a team that can take your finances and business to another level.


I have been doing business for 20 years. The one thing I always wish is that I was more organized and took more control of my time to focus on the things I’m great at!

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