The military story…

The recovering alcoholic story…

The cancer survivor story…

The homeless person story…

The near death experience story…


One thing that all of these people telling their story have in common is, they are really good at connecting the dots looking backward. I love listening to or reading their story as it can give you a jolt of energy that can fuel you for a few days that will make you run through a brick wall. But once a few days have passed you typically loose the vigor that their story ignited in you.


Unless you actually experience the hardships the story teller endured, you are always looking for that next story to inspire you. If you are always finding yourself in this same scenario your probably focusing on the wrong road map to living your life to the max.


Maybe it’s time to look inward and start to write your own story focusing on this moment and connecting your dots moving forward. Set out to seek and create a more sustainable source of inspiration… YOUR STORY?


The secret ingredients of the story teller…


Make a Decision

  • Indecision is a decision

Design a game plan

  • You will get what you emphasize… Nothing more… Nothing less!

Have a Purpose

  • Move with Intent and Conviction towards it

Hold Yourself Accountable

  • Surround yourself with people who won’t put up with your BS

Stay Committed

  • Be Patience, but Persistent

Check Your Fear & Ego @ the door

  • You will fail and you must get over yourself

Feed Your Mind Daily

  • You become who you are exposed to

Listen to Your Heart

  • Win the Daily Battle Between Your Mind & Heart

Apply Relentless Effort

  • There are no miracles here

Maintain a Ridiculous Sense of Focus

  • Remind yourself daily of the game plan

Radiant Heart

  • It’s going to take a lot of energy to get what you truly desire




I can’t wait to hear it…

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