I Want to Apologize…. 🙁


How were your Holidays?


As you can imagine my 4 and 2 year old

Axe and MJ loved every bit of it. They still

ask every night if we can put out cookies for

Santa in hopes that presents will be there again

in the morning.


What I’m sorry about is that 2018 is in the books

and we didn’t get the opportunity to deliver results

for you and your business.


What did our Family Office approach deliver in 2018?

Here are some client highlights from individual clients….

1) $900K in insurance costs over the next 12 years!

2) $35K in merchant fees for a $250K net profit business!

3) $65K / 15% to the average business’ bottom line!

4) $1 Million windfall for implementing a Captive Insurance Strategy!


Here is the good news for you…


We’re just getting started in 2019 and you can be on the leader board

for success this year.


What can you expect…

1) Tax Savings

2) Organization – we do everything

3) Increase your net worth with found money

4) Grow your business


If you want to accomplish your 2019 New Years Resolutions, you need a

great team. Here is what you need to do to accomplish your resolutions.

1) Get clear on what you want

2) Take action

3) Delegate what’s not going to drive your success or that someone else

can do cheaper than spending your valuable time on.


Here is what you can do…


Go here and schedule some time. Click the orange button on your right…



Simply put, get this stuff off your plate to a place that can take care of you.

The less stuff in your head allows you to focus on what you do best…

Run Your Business!


Dominate the Day!


Matt Linklater

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