Most business owners we work with don’t want to put their money in the stock market. Why would they?


Many times I have business owners come to me and ask where should they put their money? I say the best return on you money is investing yourself. Take one of our clients who made $1.5 Million in 2018. He didn’t risk any of his money. He did this with blood sweat and tears.

$0 – $1.5 Million is a Geometric / Infinite return.


When a business owner can do that I say why would you want to risk your money? Your best return is investing your time and energy in your business.


But, as you can imagine, the question becomes Matt where do I invest my money so it’s safe, beats inflation and is there for me when I retire?


Any astute investor or business person can tell you that the market seems a little frothy and doesn’t want to put their money there. Interest rates are still at historic lows and you can’t get more than 2%. If you invest in fixed income and bonds where at the end of a 40 year bull market. When interest rates climb you will lose money.


Where is a great place to put some of my money that is safe and keeps up with inflation?

There are 2 strategies that fit this exact scenario.


Let me tell you about 1…


That is an Indexed Annuity.


I know many think this can be a dirty word, but here are the facts..


#1 – 8% Rate of Return

Over the past couple years when I have been doing review for my clients, they have been averaging 5% or better. A lady recently had a 8.2% rate of return. This product’s return is based on 50% of the return of the S&P 500.


#2 – No Fee

The return she received is the full return she received. Her product has no fee associated with the contract.


#3 – 10% Access

One of the rubs Annuities get is that you’re tying up your money. The lady in the example above can take out 10% per year. That is $50K of her $500K she has access to that is in the Indexed Annuity.

Where are you getting…

Market Like Returns?

No Downside Risk To Your Money?


On the spectrum of investing gurus recommend Model Portfolios. Model Portfolios fall into a spectrum of…


High Risk to Low Risk


High Risk

100% Stocks

Moderate Risk

70% Stocks / 30% Bonds


50% Stocks / 50% Bonds

Moderately Conservative

30% Stocks / 70% Bonds


100% Bonds


We know that bonds have a historic low percent yield and if that yield goes up we will lose money. An Indexed Annuity can service as that Fixed Income side of a portfolio.


It will provide you with…

Downside Protection

Upside Possibility


If you’re looking for an alternative to bonds, cash, fixed income and trying to find a safe investment for your money an Indexed Annuity might be the right fit for you.


Check out this video to learn the basics of an Indexed Annuity…

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This information should not be relied upon as investment advice, research, or a recommendation Only an investor and their financial advisor know enough about their circumstances to make an investment decision.


Carefully consider your investment objectives, risk factors, and charges and expenses before investing.


Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. Asset allocation and diversification may not protect against market risk, loss of principal or volatility of returns.


Annuities are not deposits. They are not FDIC or NCUA insured. They are not insured by any federal government agency. They are not guaranteed by any bank or savings association. Any guarantees are based on the issuing insurer’s ability to pay. The exact terms of an annuity are contained in the contracts and any attached riders, endorsements and amendments, which will control the issuing company’s contractual obligations.


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