How do you bring on a new client?


There are 2 things I hear from business owners consistently.

#1 – They do work for free when brining on a client to demonstrate

Value and then the client never signs on the dotted line.

#2 – They do the actual work for the client and the client complains

about the price.


What is your formalized strategy to bring on a new client?

As Matt Linklater would say, “Your strategy needs to follow

a 3-pronged approach…

#1 – Find pain points

#2 – Demonstrate value

#3 – Close


Now I’m not replacing the ancient 5 steps sales process or the ideas

of starting with “WHY” or any other fancy strategies out there, but

want to offer a simple solution to bringing on a client, not doing work

you’re not getting paid for and not delivering work your not getting

paid for.


Here is a simple formula…


First Meeting

#1 – Gather information around the clients pain points…

What are the biggest 3 things you’re trying to accomplish?

What are the biggest 3 challenges getting in your way?

Etc. – fill in your specific questions here

#2 – Demonstrate a little value.


Second Meeting

#1 – Confirm pain points. Get them back in the state of their problem.

#2 – Demonstrate how you can solve their problem. Never show them

how they can solve their own problem.

#3 – Close


You can either close on this meeting or set up a 3rd meeting. Depending

on the price tag and the level of trust that needs to be formed depends

on when you can close.


Yesterday we requested a meeting with someone to identify synergies.

The guy wen through a scripted presentation that irritated me then

tried to close me on $10K. He was a little pre-mature.


Third meeting

#1 – Confirm pain points.

#2 – Demonstrate value.

#3 – Close


The biggest thing on the 3rd meeting is don’t let too much time go by.

The other thing is never assume that they remember anything from the

previous 2 meetings.


No matter if you have a relationship with your client or it’s a new

client that you’re solving a problem for you always have to…

#1 – Understand the pain points

#2 – Demonstrate value

#3 – Close before you start doing the work


Put a process in place and you will do less work for free and reduce

the amount of times you get your invoice rejected.

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