It’s not money itself that we’re thankful for, but we’re attracted to the peace of mind that it creates and the control of time that it delivers.


Regardless of your perspective and the value you place on money there are four ways to make money to satisfy our personal needs…

  1. Earn it as an Employee working for someone else.

  2. Earn more by becoming a Specialist and running a small business.

  3. Grow it exponentially through expansion becoming an Entrepeneur.

  4. Become a Professional Investor.

Like most decisions there are responsibilities and consequences that accompany the way you choose to earn your peace of the pie. It’s probably safe to say that most of you are comfortable with the way you earn it. If you want to make more money you can certaintly stay in your comfort zone and work longer hours or figure out how you can keep more of your money. Unfortunately, if your an employee nobody can help you with the latter unless you decide to start your own business.


Whichever way you choose there are annual tax consequences…


Employees pay 40% on average in taxes

Specialists (Doctors, Attorneys & Accountants) pay 50% on average in taxes

Entrepreneurs pay 20% on average in taxes

Professional Investors pay 5% on average in taxes


If you are a Specialist you have Four Choices…

work more hours to earn more pie – Grind

work the same hours and learn how to keep more of your pie – Tax Plan

work less hours and find the right people to partner with – Expand & Grow

work when you feel like it while you watch your investments grow – Invest


Whether you’re content to stay where you are and pay 40% in taxes or have aspirations to climb the Entrepreneur Ladder and pay 20% in taxes it’s a non-negotiable to enlist the right partners, right tax plan and right mindset.


The right partner encourages growth…

The right tax plan looks to the future…

The right mindset isn’t concerned with fear…

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