Do you have a Two Way Feedback System in place that supports a Growth Mindset?


Better yet…


Does your Financial Team have one?


If you’re like most Entrepreneurs you have a Growth Mindset and you understand the value that two minds collaborating together creates. But I’m willing to bet the farm that your Financial Team has nowhere near your mindset and communication skills.


And hey… It’s ok if you’re not a numbers person.


Just because they are doesn’t give them the excuse to not participate in driving the business forward. Sure there’s some value in reconciling your books in the past and preparing them in the present, but who’s projecting and planning for the future. You owe it to yourself and the business to surround yourself with people who are going to challenge you and drive your business forward.


Benefits of having a Financial Team that communicates and has a Growth Mindset…

  • Delivers real time and in time accounting – “No excuses”

  • Believes in a two way feedback system

  • Delivers on time and is not afraid to work around the clock

  • Asks the right questions & listens

  • Not afraid to have uncomfortable conversations

  • Concerned with the best solutions for the Business – “One size doesn’t fit all”

  • Constantly collaborates internally and externally

  • Checks their ego at the door

  • Are active participants in your business during all seasons

  • Supports and promotes consistent and reliable growth –“Your either growing or dying”

  • Delivers forward looking tax strategies to reduce taxes

To ensure that your Entrepreneurial Mindset permeates within the financial walls of the business you should actually have two teams or two people that work in unison to drive the finances of the business…


1. One Team works in real time side by side monitoring and driving the daily and weekly activity. Short Term Returns is what keeps businesses alive by providing a steady cash flow.


2. The Second Team focuses on the overall trends in your business and compares it to others across your particular industry. Preparing For and Investing in the Future to ensure the lifespan and alternative sources of future cash flow in the business.


A yin and yang, two team approach collaborates and feeds off one another to deliver consistent and reliable results that are tax efficient and will allow you to sleep tonight and every night after.


Get your popcorn ready… because it’s quite entertaining to watch these two teams fight it out… but in the end you and your business wins!


Two Teams One Dream!

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