There are hundreds of anecdotes out there that try to explain how you need to come across as a leader? Really, there is only one person that truly knows their authentic self…




“A Genuine Leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus”

Martin Luther King Jr.


That’s right, regardless of what you read, listen to or watch somewhere deep down inside at your core is the real you. But the problem is the doubters, because you have let them, have taken a piece of this from you. It all starts today by making a decision on who you truly are and deliver with CONFIDENCE and PRIDE regardless of what anybody else says.


That’s right, I said PRIDE! Most of the “experts” or at least the ones that have strong opinions will tell you to display humility instead of pride.


There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your achievements. Pride creates confidence and certainty that you can deliver what you say you can. Humility or having a low view of your importance squashes this confidence and shames you for being proud.


Leaders lead because they have somthing burning in their core that yurns to make other peoples live’s better. They believe that is why their creator put them here.


For the Genuine Leader, being grateful replaces humility. Showing appreciation for the gifts that they have supports the high level of confidence, certainty and pride that fuels them and allows them to have influence. At the same time, being grateful tempers their pride and protects them from having an over inflated ego. Whereas humility wouldn’t allow these three to coexist in their core.


Be Proud…

Be Confident…

Be Certain…


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