When it comes to investing time or money on or in your business there are 3 MUSTS

that need to be accomodated before you say yes…

  1. Protection of Your Principal – time, effort and money spent

  2. Asymmetrical Risk /Reward – least amount of risk w/ huge upside

  3. Tax Efficient – how much do you get to keep?

Every decison that you make must have purpose or it will lead you to unsatisfied

results that have wasted your time and money. If it doesn’t meet these 3 MUSTS

you should move on, right?

Wait just one second…


There’s one last question you need to ask yourself before you decide if it’s a fit…


Do You Have a Fixed Mindset as it relates to the effected aspect of your

business that prohibits you from seeing the whole picture?


If your answer is yes, then it’s probably a good idea you get of your own way, open up your

mind and give yourself an opportunity to grow!


After all, isn’t it this type of Mindset that has allowed you to start, grow and nurture your

business over the years… Why Stop Now!


Whether it’s sales, marketing, accounting or any other aspect of your business you need to KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. They will determine your… Return On Investment.


Numbers Don’t Lie, But Lazy People Do!


There’s NO GOOD EXCUSE for not knowing them!

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