No matter how many times she comes crawling back and says she’ll never do it again…


It happens again and again!


Is it my fault?


I imagine that is the question most husbands like me ask themselves.


I know that I should feel embarrassed by this. I also know that many who read this may think I’m lesser of a man because of it. But my wife is a beast. When we hiked Half Dome and Mt. Whitney in California people were calling her a billy goat and mountain lion. At 5’5” you wouldn’t think that she could over take me but…


It all started last Friday. I usually don’t get this kind of time with my wife, but we decided to workout with our trainer at the same time. I started out great, but by the end she was taunting me. I know she would tell the story a little differently. I was ending my workout with 20 burpees and she was already done. She will tell the story that she was cheering me on, but all I heard was her taunting me like my older brothers used to do when I was kid. 


Saturday was my chance to redeem myself. I got our nanny to take the kids for a couple hours so I could have another shot at the title. This time we did some Cross Fit workout for time. I went first and for 20 minutes all I could hear was her taunting me. I’m sure she would tell she was cheering me on. I held my own and now it was her turn. She crushed it! She again left me in the dust.


The only moral I can find in the experience is that we’re the average of our five closest friends. Too often we all settle with who we associate with, which I can maybe understand…MAYBE.


What I can’t understand is why in business we would ever settle. I push and push and push until I surround myself with the best. I spend entirely too much time on my business away from family to ever settle on anything but the absolute best. I’m always on the constant quest of improving myself, my family and my business. The only thing you can do to be great is find the best.


Be great!


Matt Linklater


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