We all know too well the wear and tear worry can do to us. So much to do, yet so little time to get it all done….which leads to worry…..


But the fact is, we too frequently worry about the wrong things. Yes, there are legitimate things we must be concerned about, but in reality it takes us away from those things that

really matter.


For instance…


I have met way too many entrepreneurs with various levels of experience and expertise that are expecting a high level of success, but they are focusing on the wrong things. They spend way too much time worrying about things they can’t change. As a result their profits flat line or in many cases are on the slow decline.


What I see happening is… they have outgrown their old systems and processes but they don’t see it or they refuse to change. It’s impossible to maximize a profit, build wealth and create security, when your books, systems and procedures are a disaster. You need to get your house in order and start focusing on the things that matter.


Things That Matter…

  • Review your business structure and organization to match your growth

  • Make a list of areas that need improvement

  • Share your plan with your Team (self accountability)

  • Execute It!

The more you direct your focus on those things that will have an impact now and for the foreseeable future the more success you’ll experience. It’s time to stop wasting valuable time and to start moving forward!


Why Worry by Uknown Author – 40% will never happen, for anxiety is the result of a tired mind, – 30% concerns old decisions which cannot be altered, – 12% centers in criticism, mostly untrue, made by people who feel inferior, – 10% is related to my health which worsens while I worry, and only… – 8% is “legitimate,” showing that life does have real problems which may be met head-on when I have eliminated senseless worries.


Do you choose to spend 92% of our time worrying about the things you shouldn’t? Or, will you spend time addressing the 8% that will have true impact?


Where your Focus Goes your Energy Flows!

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