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Whether you want to believe this or not…




Scientists say that our mind makes up decisions 6 seconds before we become aware of the decision and start applying logic. That means your business associates, prospects, etc. are judging yo before you ever open your mouth.


You have been in a business meeting and have gotten a certain vibe!


What is that vibe?


You sensed the other person’s energy and made a decision. What is your energy saying about you?

Our energy is a result of our state.

Our state is the result of our focus.

Our focus is the result of our beliefs.


The question is…

Are your beliefs serving your goals?

Your purpose?


In this video Debra Stangl shares with us ideas on how to shake up our beliefs to have more success in business, health, relationships and life.


We also share great closed eye techniques to change your…

State Energy & Focus


The only question to ask are you fulfilling your dreams, goals and being the best you!


Be great!


Matt Linklater




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