If you know anything about me I’m always looking for 1% of ideas that mathematically drives over 50% of the results. My wife and I were looking to give our 20 month old and 4 year old an edge.


Sounds crazy right?


Here are our results. Our kids are…

Talking in complete sentences (even the 20 month old)

Reading (even the 20 month old)

More athletic

Eating healthy


Not glued to the IPAD

Not glued to the TV

Crushing It!


I’m not going to go into a rant here about playing to the averages of society, but if you’re watching this you want more for yourself, your family and most importantly your kids.


Here is the deal…

More and more kids are on prescribed drugs for ADD and ADHD.

Something in our environment is causing kids to have “sensory issues” and labeled as autistic.


Do you want answers?


If your child has…

Delays speaking

Delays in motor skill advancement






If you as an adult have had a brain injury…

Do you want to get back to normal?

Do you want to be better than before?


Becky Blake and The Blake Method are for you!


Get More of Becky Blake







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