Every person and business will go through a state or instance of difficulty or misfortune. Regardless of the adversity it’s about how you pick yourself up out of the mud!


3 Challenges that most Entrepreneurs face…


1. Getting out of their own way (EGO)! Coming to grips with those things (blind spots) that are holding themselves and their business back. Whatever life stage your business is going through from Start Up… to Rapid Growth… to Established… to Expansion… or Exit these blind spots are looming. If you are not careful they will crush the evolution of you and your business.


2. Possessing time management skills that fall in line with their priorities. Understanding the importance of Preparation regardless of years on the job.


3. Their ability to keep up with the speed or pace of their particular industry. Handling pressure and non pressure situations in the same exact way. In essence the ability to play “one day at a time” with a solid perspective on present and future obstacles.


How do you overcome these challenges?


1. One of the most effective ways is to honestly evaluate yourself and your business against a standard like the highly successful John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success to identify any blind spots. Don’t be afraid to have your whole team evaluate the business to help reveal the flaws. From there it’s about simply making a “DECISION” or conscious effort to eliminate those things that are holding you and the business back. It will also help if you make it a habit of surrounding yourself with people that are not afraid to tell you the truth. Believe me I have come across quite a few that only want YES Guys & Ladies. The result… they never grow!


2. Once a decision has been made to move forward to fix a deficient area it’s time to set some Goals. And I don’t mean setting a couple of goals that are out there swimming in the future. They must be broken down to the year, month, week, hour, minute, and second. A goal without present intent is just lip service. Breaking these goals down to the second will help create a mental and physical routine that will allow you to keep these blind spots from rearing their ugly head. Over time they will disappear. As a result you will have developed a system through preparation that will eliminate anything that’s not in line with your priorities. Applying this relentless example of preparation throughout the business will ultimately allow your actions to fall in line with your priorities.


3. Proper prepartion typically leads to an unwavering confidence that can’t be broken. A Confidence that is always searching for “what’s next”. If you are having trouble keeping up with your own work flow how in the heck are you going to keep up with the speed of your peers. Not being able to control the present will certainly cloud up any potential your business has in the future. This power of staying present will allow you to see the obstacles that will be coming your way.


What results will you see?


You, your business and the entire team will have PURPOSE in everything that they do! There will be an immediate increase in confidence that will occur in the problem areas you discovered. To achieve greatness status as business it comes down to consistently performing at a high level in all areas of your life and business. Before you are able to reach this pinnacle you must not avoid, metaphorically speaking, “stripping yourself down” to reveal what is holding you and the business back.



You either Deal with It


It will Deal with YOU!

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