In the game of baseball it’s all about the Long Ball. The Houston Astros, last year’s World Series Champion were 2nd in the MLB in Homeruns with 238. They were also 2nd in Strikeouts with 1,593. An aggressive offensive approach with a good amount of risk. Let’s not kid ourselves, their Defense also had something to do with it as the Astros had the 11th best pitching staff. Which is probably a little high considering they added one of the premiere pitchers in Verlander late in the year. In the end the Championship recipe was an aggressive offense with a lot of risk/strikeouts combined with a solid defense.


Offensively the game of tax is much different. It’s not about hitting homeruns at all. Instead you need a conservative game plan of getting on base every chance you get which creates opportunities for W’s in the left hand column. This approach minimizes strike outs… what you overpay in taxes. Overtime these strike outs add up to create L’s in the right hand column putting a stranglehold on you and your business. Defensively, much like the Championship formula in baseball, it’s important to instill a top notch defense to keep the opposing team off the scoreboard. A solid defense ensures compliance with the IRS.


Like anything we do in life it’s about finding that delicate balance between being too aggressive or too conservative to create as many WIN WINS for the HOME TEAM!


What is your game plan to Win Championships?

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