The idea of perceptions become your projections are costing you money!

Every day I make a breakfast smoothie for my kids, my wife and I. I also make a green juice for my wife and I to split 2 liters of green goodness. Yesterday I poured my wife glass and few minutes later she saw the I was having a glass and the pitcher of green juice was almost empty.


The Perception turned into projections of accusations…

She thought that I didn’t pour her a glass, because she didn’t see it, so she was mad I wasn’t sharing.


A similar situation happened this morning. My little guy MJ drank one full glass of his morning smoothie and I refilled it for him to have more. Our nanny thought that he didn’t drink any smoothie yet for the day. She was telling him he had to drink some smoothie before they could leave the house.


This resulted in the battle of the wills. MJ was saying no and she was saying yes! I was none the wiser of what they were fighting about, but thought they needed to figure it out.

When my wife went down she realized the perception that led to the projection.

I’m not pointing the figure at my wife and nanny because we all do this, but in business it could be costing you money.


This concept is from one of the founders of modern day psychology Carl Jung. He says that…


Your Perception is Your Projection.


Your Perceptions are fueled by…




Time / Space

Matter / Energy








In the book Flow the author says we have over 2 Million of possibilities to focus on from moment to moment but our mind can only focus on 134.


In business we often get prospects and clients that don’t respond or stop responding. I frequently hear those around me start with the accusations about the client or prospect.


But the truth is one of 4 things have come into play…


They didn’t perceive it of value to spend money on it right now.


They didn’t perceive it of value to spend time on it right now.


They didn’t perceive trust in you or the product that it could help them right now.

Not a fit for them

They trust you but don’t think it will work for them right now.


If you know you have a great product and solution you need to get the client to see the value and over come one of those 4 hurdles.


But how do you do that when the client or prospect is not responding?


Keep educating the client and prospect

Direct mail / email newsletters

Direct mail / email videos

Phone calls – Value add Voice mails

Hand over the client or prospect to a different person in the office


The key is in the education. The more you educate your prospect the more they can overcome their objections of…




I trust you but this won’t work for me.


The key is don’t let perceptions get in the way and cause a false projection. Keep educating clients. Keep the line in open. The key is keep communicating with people in as many different ways as possible until you get your outcome.


Don’t let your Perceptions turn into Projections that cost you money.


Go read Green Eggs & Ham by Dr. Suess and learn that the key in business is persistence!

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