This polarizing state of America is completely out of control and idiotic. We’re playing right into the hands of the people in charge thinking we are in charge rather than understanding it is them who pulling the strings.


This polarization is the same thing that goes on in companies without great leadership.


Here is where the NFL Players and business leaders go wrong.

No clearly defined problem.

No clearly defined action plan.

No clearly defined outcome.

(If you disagree that’s cool. More on that in a minute. 🙂 )


Where the player, NFL and fans disconnect is what is the problem? I know the media and social media has played a lot into this where the players ideas of what they were protesting and what the fans say they’re protesting are two different things. But, this is more about a business lesson than anything going on with the NFL.


But, here in lies the problem in any organization. (Also if you think I’m wrong on the clearly defined problem thing, then here is the problem.) Organizations need…

Constant Communication

Consistent Communication


When you look at the NFL debate whether the players should or shouldn’t, whether the owners should or shouldn’t, whether the commissioner should or shouldn’t or whether the fans should or shouldn’t.


The biggest problem is there is no clearly defined outcome?


No matter what you’re trying to accomplish in life as a leader you need to…



What is the end result? What is your goal?


Your outcome needs to be measurable. How can you measure what you’re trying to accomplish?


If you don’t have a clear measurement it becomes a loss performative. Meaning it doesn’t perform in any material and measurable way. This is exactly why we see the dissention among the NFL and the fans.


Think about your organization, if you say I want everyone to be better, what will happen? There will be a constant debate between your employees and yourself if they are better or not. It becomes a comparative deletion.


Better compare to what?


How do you fix this?


You put some clearly defined goals and outcomes in place.


The next thing you need to measure are the actions to drive the outcome. The NFL as I see it has some actions…Players taking a knee, but is this serving their outcome? (We already defined that they don’t seem to have a clear and measurable outcome.)


The next step is…



Once you know your outcome and goals start defining what are all the actions I can take to drive that outcome?


When you start listing these in business you not only have a measurable outcome but you have measurable actions.


For instance, if you want to drive sales and revenue you can measure…





The biggest lesson we can learn from the NFL and the Players is 2 simple things every great organization and cause needs from their leaders.

#1 A Clearly Defined Outcome and Goals

#2 Clearly Defined Action Steps



Loss Performatives

Comparative Deletions



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