Your ability to consistently display Passion & Energy will determine your current effectiveness and future potential as a Leader. To ensure that you deliver on time every time with these intangibles there are standards and routines that you must adhere to. Because it’s not easy to be on top of your game 24/7. You can’t stop because you never know who is listening or watching today!


It all starts with Preparation. What you do every morning will determine your ability to deliver. Yeah you might have an easy day ahead of you, but you never know who you might run into. And when the unplanned encounter happens will you be at your best when your best is needed?


The willingness to prepare breeds physical and mental clarity that will show up on a moments notice. Regardless of the workload that day, week or month a daily sense of urgency and eagerness to perform, learn and improve is a non-negotiable.


When Opportunity Comes… You May Only Get One Chance… Excuses Won’t Help You!


Part of preparation but separate in its own rights is Organization. You might think you are preparing properly, but if it’s not laid out in way that is repeatable and suits you then the results will be inconsistent. Preparation must have a purpose that is laid out in an Organized fashion that answers the following questions…

Why are you here?

What do want to accomplish?

What are your priorities?

How do you want to be viewed by others?


Once you have concrete and complete answers to these questions you will have a roadmap to begin executing your Organized Routine. Don’t be like most Leaders that have grandiose thoughts and ideas that they never execute. Remember… Actions speak louder than words.


Prepared and Organized thoughts put into action with Passion & Energy will automatically display a sincere eagerness to sacrifice your personal interests for the benefit all. Over time this Will to Win vibe will become contagious and influence your followers. They will love to listen to you when you speak and they will love to speak to you because you listen.


To sustain this type of performance and influence a certain amount and type of Energy is needed. Both positive and negative energy can be contagious. It’s pretty obvious here what type of energy is needed. Your daily Preparation, Organization and Will to Win should naturally convey this right type of energy… if not it’s time to take a peak at those 5 questions that I referred to earlier. This is not for the weak minded… it takes tremendous focus and intentional effort to stay on track.


The most overwhelming part is the amount of energy it takes. To start… moderating or eliminating your participation in the social arena is a must. Without proper rest and nutrition there is no way you will have enough energy to deliver day in and day out. It’s also highly suggested and scientifically proven to exercise daily as it releases endorphins that trigger a

positive feeling in the body… sounds like a no brainer to me!


Striving for consistency is the key to delivering on time every time. Repetition is the only way to obtain it. Repeating the fundamentals obsessively as part of a daily routine will yield the results you desire. Regardless of your desired outcome…



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