There are 3 things that most people and business don’t do. These 3 things are what’s holding them back from success. Most people and businesses go through life allowing the status quo to take over.


I see it time and time again. They want to want things, but stay in the status quo.

There are 3 major things all organizations and individuals need for growth. If we’re not growing we’re dying. Well maybe not that drastic, but we certainly are falling behind.


3 simple things you can implement right now…

1) Goals

2) Targets

3) Purpose



Do you have goals? Seriously ask yourself have you strategically sat down and contemplate where you want your life or your business to go?


A very simple way is to start writing down what you would like to have in these areas of your life.

1) Health

2) Relationships

3) Spiritually

4) Business


When you have a bunch of ideas down figure out which 2 or 3 really ignite the fire inside of you.


Put them in proper linguistic form so you can encode them in your neurology the right way. More on that in a minute.


A simple strategy to write out your goals is to use the SMART process.

Specific – What specifically do you want. I think it’s easy to quantify your goals.

Measurable – How can you measure your success? More, better, etc. isn’t measurable.

As If Now – Make everything present tense. You need to act a if you already have it!

Time – When do you want it by?


Here is a sentence that is linguistically correct for your goals.

It is now (insert date) and I now have (insert goal) and I feel (insert feeling)!



If you have a goal that is a 12-month goal can you work backwards and set daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly targets?

If you want to lose 144 lbs. What is your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly target?



Your purpose is your WHY. The best way I ever heard this explained is from Victor Frankle in his book Man’s Search For Meaning.


Frankle was a holocaust survivor. He said the people who made it through had a personal why. Among the mud some saw the bars and others saw the stars.

To have a compelling future and keep your drive while on your pursuit it will be helpful to have a purpose, a why!


Sit in a quite place and hand write 2 pages on WHY you want to accomplish your goals. Keep the language positive.


Putting it all together.

If you want to make $100K, $1 Million or whatever your number is follow this process…

1) Goal

It is now December 31st and I have $1 Million in my bank account and I feel ecstatic!


2) Targets

a. 1 Month – $76,923

b. 1 Quarter – $230,769

I would also add that you want to put some actionable items in the mix.

What activities are you going to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to hit your goals?


3) Purpose

a. Read your 2 pages of WHY on a daily basis.


No matter where you’re at in your business or life this simple process is a must. If you lead others how do build a culture of getting your employees to drive to the next level.


When you do the process as described you will encode your future goals as a current memory. Your mind doesn’t differentiate between past memories or future dreams. Make those dreams a reality by properly encoding those dreams as future memories.


We go a lot deeper, but this simple process will get you started!

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