I bet you’re like most business owners and CPAs you don’t think about your taxes until January of the following year. When March 15th comes you Tax File.


I know this is the process for the majority of business owners and CPAs. Matter of fact CPAs have created such a nice lifestyle business it’s not uncommon for them to take 12 weeks off per year.


How do you TAX PREPARE?


You have to tax prepare every day, month and quarter. If you have the right CPA and Accounting team you don’t have to do this.


I remember at my first job selling air tools I walked into the owner Harry’s office and he had a few thousand page book sitting on his coffee table about taxes.


Naively I asked, “Did you read this?”


He said, “The way you become rich is by keeping more of your money rather than losing it to taxes.”


This conversation has stuck with me ever since.


How do you become like Harry?


I don’t want you to read thousands of pages.


What you need is a PROACTIVE TAX PLAN. I have put together a team that has already read the entire tax code. To be honest I don’t think any of them has read the entire 75,000 pages, but they all have differing expertise in their respective areas.



How you run your business. We can identify many tax saving drivers you’re just not utilizing.

Your financials monthly and quarterly. Both revenue drivers and profit drivers.

How your business is set up to operate structurally. Are you an LLC, S Corp, C Corp etc.

Fringe Benefits

Available Tax Credits (Most businesses aren’t utilizing)



You can check out www.LinkBizSolutions.com for all the different areas you’re missing out on.


There are a number of different strategies we put into place to make sure that your MAXIMIZING YOUR TAX PLAN. The key is to get a plan so you can TAX PREPARE and not just tax plan.


I’m like you, I became interested in tax planning when I realized how much was leaving my paycheck and my business.


You have a choice…

Keep Tax Filing



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