Success… what a loaded and obscure word?


You can’t define it you can only feel it and sense that you have it. But as soon as you recognize you have it, it can disappear before you knew you had it.


How do you achieve “success”, whatever it is, and hold on to it?


“Success” can only be derived from an internal feeling that only you can describe. The only absolute is that it starts with a RADIANT HEART. It’s who you are and you can’t stop the passion that you have for it and the energy that it gives you. It comes straight from the heart with no hesitations. Separating this passion from logic is the toughest part. Those with a RADIANT HEART ignore the logical that say it can’t be done because they have already made a decision on who they are and what they have set out to do.


We live in a world full of distractions and the only way to break through it is to have a RIDICULOUS SENSE OF FOCUS. This focus protects and guards what your RADIANT HEART is telling you. You have already decided who you are but you have to execute it in the present moment regardless of your surroundings to keep it alive. You are so locked in and comfortable! You will feel yourself playing the game of life in the zone, free of thought. Always playing in peak state permance mode – UNSTOPPABLE!


Now here is the tough part… it separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls. It’s called work ethic. Not just working hard but bringing a RELENTLESS EFFORT that reinforces everything you stand for. It strengthens who you are and what you are setting out to accomplish. It supports a laser like focus that will allow you a chance to feel that you have this “success” that can only be defined by you. That’s right, Nobody Else!


I have witnessed when these three things come together…






Together they have created Major League Baseball Players, Championship Teams, Lawyers, Doctors, CEO’s and highly successful professionals in all kinds of industries.


Once you master and learn to protect what you stand for and want to accomplish everything else will come a lot easier. Get youself right first!


Real & Straight from the Heart!

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