I just got off the phone with a lawyer who was telling me it would be tough to close a business deal in 30 days.




He said…


Because people won’t react in real time.


I battle this everyday with people. I’m busy is the worst excuse in the world.


I hear…


I’m not running my business efficiently to be able to handle things in a timely fashion. I had a lawyer a couple years ago kill multiple deals because he was too busy.




If you use the 80/20 rule to break down your time you’re wasting time on non-revenue generating tasks.


80% of your success is driven by 20% of your time.

64% of your success is driven by 4% of your time.

51% of your success is driven by 1% of your time.


Do you want 64% better results?


Double what you do in the 4% of your time that you’re most productive!


If you’re too busy to handle things you need an assistant. If an assistant doesn’t work you need to pay someone to duplicate yourself or be an apostle to your business.

I’m busy is really saying I don’t know how to run my business.


Here are a few things you can do right now to become more efficient…

1) Stop answering your phone

a. Nothing is that urgent that you need to pick up your phone everytime it rings.

b. Get an assistant or better yet a sales guy to answer your phone. I believe that anyone who calls is an opportunity for a sale and someone with sales skills should be the person answering the phone.


2) Stop checking your emails

a. Nothing is that urgent that you need to check your emails 100X times per day.

b. Give someone else access to your emails and give them the authority to respond on your behalf.


3) Write out a list…

#1 – Write out everything you do.

#2 – Make a list of everything you must do.

#3 – Make a list of everything you like to do.

#4 – Deligate the rest.


4) Do only goal achieving activities and get rid of all the pressure relieving activities. Don’t do any of the following unless they give you energy to keep pushing at achieving your goals.

a. Car Wash

b. Grocery shopping

c. Cleaning

d. Laundry

e. Cooking

f. The list of what you can pay others to do is endless


5) Do more energy creating activities

a. Workout

b. Meditate

c. Eat right. Stop eating crap that steals your energy.

d. Get around other people that give you energy.


Next time you’re going to tell someone your busy, remember they’re saying to themselves…


Man that person doesn’t know how to run their business or life.


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