What scripting and presenting methodology do you use?


We all are selling and presenting all the time and if you’re leaving your success to chance you’re failing!


If you’re anything like me, when I was a wholesaler, I was running 25 meetings a week. I would prepare, but it led me many times to treat every meeting the same. Now as an Accounting Firm / Advisor and Business Consulting Firm every pitch is worth tens of thousands of dollars or more!


Now to some degree I think if you have a few scripted meetings you’re on the right track.

But, how are you scripting your meetings?


This week I was preparing for a meeting with one of our partners who is my best friend this third grade and ex wholesalers. As we were preparing, my buddy said you’re using the “3 of Hearts”. The “3 of Hearts” is an old parlor card trick, but it works very well in sales. I put this together with a Harvard study on how you should present choices.


The Harvard study says when you have 3 choices it matters in which order you present them. The study outlines Lawn Mowers priced from low to high.


When you start from low to high in your presentation the middle priced option is your #1 seller and your #2 seller is the low priced option.




When you start from high to low in your presentation the middle priced option is still your #1 seller, but your #2 seller is the high priced option.


How do you present your products and solutions?


Be great,

Matt Linklater

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