Do you have problems in your business that are nagging problems?

Do you have problems that are silent thieves of production and time costing you money?

If you’re like most businesses, you don’t think there is an answer.


That is why we put together this accounting and consulting firm that will help you answer the wasted money, wasted production and wasted time dilemmas.


Here are some problems we solved this week…


1 – We raised a client money from banks for a new store.


Sounds simple…

We went to 3 banks and pitted them against each other.


The first bank said no.

The second bank said they can give a line a credit.

The third bank, knew we were going to multiple banks, was apologizing for giving her a term loan plus a line credit. They were the best and were still telling us they would match the other offers. Strategy worked to get my client the best deal possible.


2 – Client was over paying in merchant fees and couldn’t get quick books to communicate properly.


We gave her 3 options…


1 – No merchant fees

2 – Lower her fees by 2!% with no change of processor.

3 – Lower her merchant fees from $80K to $40K


She was having trouble getting Quick Books on line to communicate and list her transactions properly. She had a full-time employee working on putting 154 transactions into two systems. We have our IT and CPA take look.


We not only saved her $40K on her merchant account, we also saved her the $40K in employee costs for lost efficiency.


What would help you take your business to another level? Where are you wasting time?


You’re already paying for many of the services we offer. You’re just not getting the expertise you think you are or should.


You know that not all contractors are created the same.


Why not get the best? We will put $15K minimum back in your business!


Stop wasting time, resources and stop stunting your growth.


Be great,


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