Everywhere we turn our world is filled with misperceptions. For example, many people believe that gratification comes from materialistic things or a position of power. The misconception comes in when these things are attained and happiness doesn’t follow. In fact, the drive to achieve bigger, better, and more power is often the result of attaining what we originally wanted. It can become an addiction.


Think about this, when John D. Rockefeller, one of the richest and most powerful men in the world, was asked how much wealth was enough, he said, “Just a little more.” When we strive for wealth and power, we find ourselves unsatisfied by what we achieve. We always find ourselves wanting more.


It’s funny how it works sometimes. When we take the focus off our own pursuits, we can find that true gratification can be achieved by how we see the world around us. It’s ok to relentlessly pursue your financial goals, but don’t forget to Focus on the following five keys to gratification…

  • Expect the best in everything —- not the worst

  • Remain upbeat —- even when you get beat up

  • See solutions in every problem —- not problems in every solution

  • Believe in the process —- even when others don’t believe in it

  • Hold onto your goals and dreams —- even when others say, “it can’t be done”

If you do, you just might find that your happiness will not be measured by just wealth and power. No matter what happens to you, true gratification is found in your behavior and the decision to follow your instincts regardless of the financial outcome.


Remember this simple truth, “Our circumstances and our gratification are unrelated.”

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