Business Owners are Leaking $100s of Thousands Every Year Because of Rear View Mirror Accounting…


Review mirror accounting is the tax service most businesses receive. Your accountant does the same thing for you year in and year out without providing you real time forward planning to the business owner. If you want a CFO working side by side with you on a monthly and quarterly basis to analyze your financial situation and tax situation for the current year then this is for you!

Where Your CPA is Going Wrong? Here is what we hear from business owners… Twice in the past 2 days I’ve heard…


“Do they actually work for the IRS.”


Here is what most business owner’s don’t know about CPAs. The problem lies in what the license of a CPA means versus what a Business Owner’s expectations are. A CPA license is to provide assurance and attest services. Attest to what? To attest that your numbers are accurate to the IRS. This is a great service to make sure you’re compliant. This is exactly why we have CPAs on staff. But, we make sure we look beyond just what the credential is for and provide you with so much more.

It’s About MORE Than Just Providing Tax and Accounting Services to You.


See, you need Accounting and Tax, but you’re looking for more. Here are a fraction of the results we offer through our

Tax Credit Services

  • One client received $4,800 her first hire and another $42,000 during the year in Worker Opportunity Tax Credits.

  • A long-time client reduced her Merchant Processing Bill by $21,000 through Merchant Auditing.

  • A liquor store owner recovered $80K in Commercial Real Estate Cost Segmentation

  • R&D Tax Credits are available if you’re a Doctor, Engineer, etc.

These are Tax Credits offered by the US Government to incentivize Small Businesses that your current CPA doesn’t know about.

We find through Tax Credits and Advanced Planning our clients average a 35% reduction in their overall tax bill. In addition to the tax credits our average client gets $104K in Tax Free money through Tax Free Fringe Benefits. Recently we had a client that wanted to take his firm from $3 Million in revenue to $30 Million. So, we designed a forward projections model on how we as his “acquisitions team” can get him there in 18 months.


In another case we helped a Litigator put together an insurance strategy to insure against lost cases. We were also able to get him a tax reduction and increase his net worth by designing a “CHIC” he now owns. We also created a Roth IRA on steroids for him where he has the opportunity to put away $100K or more at a 21% tax rate. Drastically reducing his overall tax rate.


You’re Already paying for Tax Preparation, Tax Planning, IRS Representation, Sales Tax Services, Payroll and Financial Forecasts & Projections…


Why not get what you’ve always been looking for and haven’t been able to find… A Forward Looking CPA Working Side By Side with You as an Outsourced CFO!

We provide a complimentary review of what Tax Credits are available to you and what Advanced Financial Tools are available to provide Huge Monetary Savings.


The Result: We Increase Your Cash Flow by 35%!


Call our office Link Business Solutions to set up an initial call 312-330-5094 or email todd@linkbizsolutions with a couple of times that work for you.

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