Has your performance been up to par lately? Are you perfect in what you do? Is everything going exactly right in your professional life? Chances are your own limitations ensure that things definitely are not going perfectly. We must remind ourselves that no one is perfect. In fact, it is our mistakes that actually leads us to success. It’s when we admit our limitations and mistakes that we build stronger relationships because we become more believable.


Here is a true story that reveals the importance of admitting your flaws…


In the mid-1980’s researchers at Cleveland State University made a startling discovery.

They conducted an experiment by creating two fictitious job candidates, David and John. The candidates had identical resumes and letters of reference. The only difference was that John’s letter included the sentence, “Sometimes John can be difficult to get along with.” Researchers showed the resumes to a number of personnel directors. Which candidate did the personnel directors overwhelmingly prefer? Difficult to get along with John.

The researchers concluded that the criticism of John made praise of John more believable. Admitting John’s limitations actually helped to sell John. Admitting flaws give us more credibility……a key to gaining the trust of others.


Always be willing to take responsibility for your own actions and limitations. Your flaws are part of who you are, so why cover them up. By admitting our shortfalls we become much more believable and authentic. It draws others to your genuine self and makes them feel comfortable.


We have nothing but the Truth…



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