So I was at a seminar last week and this guy was attempting to educate those in attendance on the changes that are happening in the accounting world. From the word go nothing was going right for him. First his mic stopped working, then his computer decided to update on its own which left him no option but to go to plan B. Unfortunately he wasn’t prepared and

it all crashed and burned.


If this hasn’t happened to you yet it’s probably a good idea to be prepared just in case. Regardless of the situation. Whether you are at the table trying to close a big deal, seeking a promotion or presenting in front of a group at some point things are going to go sideways. You better be mentally prepared to handle it.


When you prepare for any competition there is a physical and mental component to it. Even though we have been taught the importance of the mental prepartion we somehow believe that if we just practice the presentation (the physical side) over and over again confidence alone will cover the necessary mental prep. Boy this sure didn’t work for the poor guy at the seminar?


Are you prepared to make in game adjustments? As the old addage goes “cooler heads will prevail”. What I am talking about here is having a routine or sytem in place that will automatically calm your nerves to assess the situation and allow your mind to work under stress and in pressure situations.


I can’t control the results, but I can control how I respond to them!


The only way to control this response is to have a mental routine that will allow yourself to stay in the present moment and deliver in any situation. It will slow down the thinking process, but will not interrupt your rhythm. Mental focus creates a relaxed atmosphere during times of stress promoting a positive thought process. It will keep you from pushing harder when you feel or recognize a problem or feel resistance.


No matter what level of intensity you perform best, being locked in on the present moment will allow you to deliver with precision. Nobody knows YOU better than YOU! Create a routine that YOU believe in and are committed to.


Together, Physical and Mental Preparedness are the breeding ground for confidence. Are you doing everything within your control to increase your confidence?


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