I know you’re extremely busy! You need

to stay focused on your day to day.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just sit

back while we do all the work and watch

these strategies increase your cash flow



We have a two tiered strategy that will

accomplish this…


TIER #1 – Advanced Tax Consulting…

Our average business owner realizes a

$15K per year savings. We have business

owner’s with $6 Million pre-tax profit and

have $1 Million savings. This ranges from

the simple to the complex.


Here are some of the strategies…

  • Advanced Business Structures

  • Tax Free Fringe Benefits

  • Home / Business Rental Agreement

  • Offshore Strategies

  • Act 20

  • Act 22

  • Captive Insurance

  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans

  • Private Placement Life Insurance

TIER #2 – Tax Credits and Analysis…

– Workers Opportunity Tax Credit

This is if you’re hiring employees we can get

you up to $9,500 per employee from the

government through this program.


– Cost Segregation

We do a detailed analysis of commercial property

and get tax credits. This has some thresholds

that the property needs to meet.


– Merchant Account

We do an 11 point analysis and get a 21% fee

recover or we can help you replace your current

merchant processing and reduce your annual cost.


This is really an overwhelming list. But the process is simple…

  1. You provide your last two years of taxes (personal and business)

  2. Our team does a tax savings analysis

  3. You receive a complementary tax blueprint at no cost to you!

Typically a plan consists of the Tax Credits and

Advanced Tax Consulting Strategies that put money

in your pocket!


When was the last time your accountant provided you

with forward looking advice that saved you hundreds

of thousands of dollars.



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