It’s never a good idea to hire someone to just be part of your team. The preference is to have those who decide to join take personal ownership in contributing to and creating an electric environment. This “Living Culture”, as I call it, transends beyond the time clock as a breathing entity that is always evolving day to day, week to week, year to year. It creates a constant mindset focused on living up to a set of principles on and off the job.


The foundation of this Living Culture comes from what is expected of and by all members. All are expected to live up to a set of standards regardless of position. It’s crucial that the Standards consist of actionable items that can be done, as opposed to a list things we can’t do. Too many people waste time trying to figure out if the cup is half full or half empty. We just simply say fill it up everyday and success will happen. At the end of the day our Standards will be the foundation that the Living Culture will be built upon allowing it to breathe.


The key to keeping the culture alive is holding everyone accountable to the Standards. A Living Culture only survives when the group is fully aware of what is expected. You must always encourage what is allowed and correct what is not. Remember, correcting is only reminding the people that there are standards and expectations to live up to. It will never become personal because that is just the way we do things.


Once the Living Culture is established accountability comes from all levels and heirarchy becomes an afterthought. Before you know it an atmosphere is created that breeds it’s members to look out for one another. You know its happening when you see team members finding solutions before management even finds it on the P & L or hears about it from a client. When this thing called peer leadership becomes the norm it is a tell-tale sign that a Living Culture exists and is thriving.


The mantra of a Living Culture says that the whole is bigger than each individual and it will last for a lifetime as long as everyone understands that it takes me for it to continue to breathe.


And it’s OK if someone chooses that it no longer fits them. Just make sure that you show them the door and wish them well because it’s nothing persona


Be Awesome!


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